Ethereum is here to stay. A blind man can see that. If you want to be part of the internet decentralization process, here’s how to get started mining Ether on Windows 10 today.

What Is Ethereum

Ethereum Mining Windows10

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you have probably heard of Bitcoin by now. Bitcoin is slow, incredibly limited and the community involved in it has made little progress on the hard decisions. On top of that Bitcoin is associated with crime, money laundering, drugs and worldwide headlines of failed exchanges (from the point of view of an outsider).

Well, forget Bitcoin, Ethereum can settle transfers in near real-time (not hours like Bitcoin) and will be able to make trustless contracts a reality. On top of that its innovative Blockchain allows to store all sorts of data and reduce global infrastructure required to host apps and websites. In essence, Ethereum is the new king of cryptocurrencies you’ve never heard of that will decentralize the web and make the Bitcoin blockchain look like child’s play. As one community member put it: “It’s PHP in the skies”. But it’s so much more than that. It’s democracy at its finest. It’s a tool for ultimate independence from governments and banks alike. It’s the future.

You can ignore the future, but you will not stop it. If you decide this is worth another look, then let me introduce you to the world of Ethereum mining and how you can participate in this new internet revolution in the making.

What Can I Do With Ether And How Do I Get Them?

Ether is the currency behind the project. It’s used to pay contracts but it’s also a currency that is traded at various exchanges. Mining a single block will net you 5 Ether instantly. You can then use that to start your first contract and build your first decentralized applications – and who knows maybe in 10 years you will be the market leader in your specific niche with millions of users! Decentralization is the future. This will create more jobs in the coming years than any other technology in existence including wireless energy.

Ethereum Mining: Requirements

1. Step In order to mine, you will need a graphic card with at least 3GB of RAM. If you currently own a Radeon 7xxx graphic card you’ve got a good chance it’s capable of mining Ether.

2. Step You need to download a copy of Ethereum++ (the C++ build for Windows) from here

3. Step You need to install chocolately to build your own geth instance if you want to run an Ethereum node. Nodes are required for solo-mining where you turn your own PC into a processing node that solves blocks on its own. However, if you mine with only 1 card your odds of finding blocks are much better if you join a so called pool. Ether pools connect multiple rigs via a proxy so they all mine together to process more transactions on the network.

Step 1: Install Chocolatey

1. Step Head over to

2. Step Copy and paste this into a cmd prompt:

@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))" && SET PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin

3. Step Follow the other install instructions

4. Step Enter choco install geth-latest or choco install geth-stable

5. Step This should install a copy into C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\geth-stable\tools

6. Step Create a batch file called geth.bat and insert this code:

C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\geth-stable\tools\geth.exe --rpc console 2>>geth.log

6. Step Open geth.bat, leave it open and proceed with step 2

Step 2: Creating An Ether Wallet

After installing geth you can now create your first wallet using the command:


Copy this into the geth terminal. The string that will be returned is your wallet address and will look like 0x0000000000

You can verify you are ‘online’ via the command net.listening

Step 3: Pool Mining

1. Step After setting up your wallet and installing Ethereum++ (e.g. at C:\Ethereum), open the Windows Explorer and dig into the release folder at C:\Ethereum\Release (or wherever you installed it)

2. Step Right-click and click New – Textdocument. Create a batch file (Save as “All files) with the extension .bat for example mining.bat:

Mining Batch File.png

3. Step

cd C:
C:\Ethereum2\Release\ethminer.exe -F -G

4. Step Replace the address 0x000 with your Ethereum address that we created

Step 4: Mining With Two Cards Or Just One

If you have multiple cards, simply add this parameter directly after -G or wherever you like

-t 2

If you have two cards and only one has 3GB, then you can select a card to mine. In computer systems we always start counting at 0, so card #0 will be your first card and #1 will be the second installed card (usually in the lower PCIe slot)

This will use your second card to mine, change accordingly
--opencl-device 1


This is a rough guide that should get you started. If you run into issues you can post a comment below and I’ll try to get back to you.

You can also post on reddit or the Ethereum forums.