Did you know that you can test augmented reality yourself using some fancy flash applications? Let’s see how it’s done.
Augmented reality refers to the combination of real world elements with virtual elements/data.

AR will be *the* hottest technology of 2010! It will be everywhere around you.

Augmented Reality Flash

At a first glance this seems like a totally ordinary technology. Many smartphones like the IPhone already make use of AR (Augmented Reality) technology. Some can give you additional information about the place you are currently looking at with your digital camera, others can tell you what song is currently playing in the radio or on the tube, but the possibilities are endless.

Augmented Reality Video

Try Augmented Reality Demo Yourself!

: Flash Player, Webcam, Symbol (below)

1. Step Download the following “symbol”, which you will need for this AR demo:
Augmented Reality Symbol

2. Step Go to this site and scroll down untill you see the following flash video:

Augmented Reality Flash Demo

3. Step Follow the instructions.