If you can’t connect to the iTunes store on Windows 7, here’s the ultimate solution.

cant connect to itunes store

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Remove Proxy Connections

iTunes uses the default connection stored in your Internet Explorer connection settings. Removing that will allow you to connect to the iTunes store again.

1. Step Open up the Internet Explorer (yes EVEN if you use another browser like chrome)
2. Step Click on the Tools icon and then on Internet Options

internet explorer options

3. Step Remove any connections that are listed (you can re-add them later and try the Option “Never dial a connection”)

remove proxy and vpn connections

4. Step This should help and you can now connect to the iTunes store again.

Check Firewall, Uninstall iTunes

If that doesn’t help there are only two alternatives. Either your firewall is blocking the access or iTunes settings are corrupt.

In that case, uninstall ALL Apple software tool:
Apple Software Update
Apple Mobile Device Support
Apple Application Supports

Disable your firewall temporarily