Default Fonts If you love customizing your PC, you might have considered changing the Windows 7 default font. If so, but you don’t know how to change it, here’s a quick guide that will teach you how to do it.

The default font of the Windows 7 shell is Tahoma and MS Sans Serif.

1. Step Open the Windows 7 registry


2. Step Uncollapse HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

3. Step The registry keys MS Shell Dlg and MS Shell Dlg 2 specify the Windows 7 default fonts for the Windows 7 shell. So, if you want to change the fonts, go ahead and change the registry keys.

Windows 7 Default Fonts

4. Step Click on Start and enter Fonts into the search field and click on the entry at the top to get the list of installed fonts on your Windows 7 PC. Right-click on any font and then on Properties to get the actual font name. Only copy the name without the extension, e.g. Tahoma, Arial, Verdana, Webdings, etc.

Windows 7 Installed Fonts

My favorite font is Verdana, but change it to any other font that you like. If you need more fonts for Windows 7, you can download additional fonts from here: Download 1000 fonts

5. Step Restart or log off and log in again to see your changes.

Changed Windows 7 Default Font

Obviously, you shouldn’t change the default font to Webdings or you won’t be able to read anything. That’s only good for a prank ;) Anyway, give it a try, some fonts are so much easier to read and will make a huge difference on your reading experience.