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Speed up torrent download on Windows 7

SkyDownloader’s integrated download accelerator can speed up your torrent downloads 5-10 times. The technology they use to speed up the torrent downloads is unknown, but so far I like the speed of the SkyDownloader.

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On top of that the SkyDownloader has some nice features that will make sure that you always have the most popular torrents. More popular torrents means that you can download faster and that will again speed up your torrent downloads. Often, you are downloading a torrent file that is unpopular and has not as many seeds as the most popular torrent file (same download, different torrent with low seeders).

Speed up Torrent Downloads

Download SkyDownloader

In order to download the SkyDownloader you have to tweet a little message and then you will get a free membership that would normally cost you $50. This offer is limited so hurry up!

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Top Torrent Downloads

The SkyDownloader Pro will show you the Top Music, Movies and Software. Additionally, you get infos about the overall TOP200 torrent downloads.

TOP torrent downloads

You can even use SkyDownloader Pro to watch TV online or listen to the radio:

Watch TV online