Countdown Gadget Preorder

Are you looking for a nice countdown gadget or app that you can use on Windows 8 to count down to something? When you have an appointment or you want to count the days down to your birthday this would be a great app.

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Early Bird Discount

We are currently developing this countdown gadget and it has various configuration settings. You can get a glimpse of the features below. For now, please subscribe to our preorder notification. Everyone on the preorder list will receive a link to download this for only $0.99 – after that it will cost $1.99

Official Preorder Page

Various Configuration Settings

You can fully configure it to show the time in weeks, days, minutes, seconds etc.

Here are all the time formats we will support:

  • Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds
  • Weeks
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

Display Message Feature

Additionally, the Windows 8 countdown gadget can be used on your Start screen as a user tile that actively displays the time remaining until a certain event. This is the perfect countdown user tile in action:

– image will be added here –

Once a countdown tile reaches 0 it will display a message throughout the entire Windows 8 system. On your Start screen and on the system tray.

If you have any ideas for additional features for countdown gadget, you are welcome to submit them below. Keep in mind, this will only work on Windows 8, not 7