Sage_TV1 HD PVR software allows you to capture and record live TV using a TV capture card from manufacturers like Hauppauge. We compared 5 HDTV PVR recording tools below

An HD PVR is a type of recording system that allows consumers to record anything playing on their TV. HD PVRs are most commonly used by gamers looking to record games played on their console systems, such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii. Users can also record shows, seasons, and movies. To get the most out of this technology, users will need to invest in a media or streaming software program compatible with HD PVRs. Take a look at the top software choices below.

1) Sage TV


Sage TV is one of the most popular options compatible with HD PVRs and will cost users around $80. Sage allows users to record games or TV, and offers them the option of streaming right to the TV or computer. Users can also view Google or YouTube videos directly on their TVs. Sage TV’s integrated system also has advanced search options to allow users to find their favorite shows. Sage TV is free to try, so users can test this software before buying; however, it does take a lot of time to set up and this software is complicated. Beginners may struggle with this system.

2) Arcsoft Total Media Extreme


Arcsoft Total Media Extreme is another popular software option for users looking to get the most out of their HD PVR. This $120 program allows users to play, record, and even edit video or audio files. Users may also get a discounted price on this software by buying a bundled HD PVR and Arcsoft combination. The screen capture and recording quality with this software is higher than most other programs. It’s also simple for beginners to use and set up. On the downside, this software has a few bugs, such as recorded programs not saving, lag time when streaming, and frequent screen freezes.

3) DVBViewer


This top-rated software program is another option for those looking to stream and record with an HD PVR. It’s affordable too, costing around $22 to buy. This software lets users stream TV and movies, record games and TV, and stream music files and videos from the internet. It also comes with a subtitles option. DVBViewer is also very easy to install and use, ideal for both beginners and advanced users. Despite its perks, DVBViewer isn’t as advanced as more expensive software programs and is better suited to users looking for general recordings and streaming.

4) Windows Media Center


Those with Windows 7 and Windows 8 Pro should already have Windows Media Center on their PCs. Other Windows users can check online for free or inexpensive downloading options. Once downloaded, users with HD PVRs can use Windows Media Center for TV and movie recordings and playback as well as for audio playback. While great for Windows users not seeking advanced features, Mac users who do not have Windows installed cannot use this software. It’s also lacking many high-end functions that users will need to purchase Sage TV or Arcsoft Total to find.

HD PVRs are becoming more popular for users looking to record TV, movies, or game play. When combined with the right software, they can instantly record, stream, and play various video and audio files. Users investing in an HD PVR should check out the top software options listed in this review.