Some like MAC, some like Windows 7, but why not get the best of both worlds and add MAC features to Windows 7! A handy tool called maComfort is the ultimate tool to get all of the (admittedly decent) MAC OS X features in Windows 7 too!

Windows 7 MAC features: maComfort

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Although I don’t own a MAC, I have worked with a MAC frequently enough to know the following problems:

You select a file and hit ‘space’ but nothing happens. You press the ‘alt’ or ‘windows’ key instead of ‘ctrl’. Ever hit ‘windows’-C instead of ‘ctrl’-C?

maComfort gives you literally the comfort of a MAC, because it will add all the MAC shortcuts to Windows 7. It will also add active corners to assign special functions to each corner and you can preview files just as if you were using a MAC. Virtual desktops is another great MAC-only feature that I would like to see in Windows 8.

MAC Features Overview

Windows 7 MAC features
Windows 7 MAC features

Download maComfort

So, you finally want to enjoy the comfort of your MAC in Windows 7, download maComfort here.