Many Windows 8 gadgets are not available yet. If you are looking for some of the best Windows 8 gadgets, you could check out the following gadgets:

Windows 8 Pandora Gadgets
Pandora Windows 8 gadget

Windows 8 Stock gadgets
Stock gadget for Windows 8

Windows 8 calendar gadgets
Windows 8 Calendar gadgets

Windows 8 Facebook gadgets
Windows 8 Facebook gadgets

Windows 8 uptime gadgets
Windows 8 Uptime gadget

If find any other useful Windows 8 gadgets, please post them here and we will add the gadgets as soon as possible.

We should also come up with some ideas for Windows 8 gadgets, because there aren’t many useful Windows 7 gadgets.
A useful gadget for example would be a password manager for Windows 8 or a “safenote” editor would be awesome for Windows 8.

Anyway, we will be glad to hear your gadget ideas for Windows 8 and will add any new Windows 8 gadgets that you find useful.
If you plan to buy Windows 8, you might be interested in the Windows 8 student edition.