Have you been looking for an Uptime gadget for Windows 7? You will find plenty of Uptime gadgets for Windows Vista and 7, but some of them are not working properly. I fixed one of the best Uptime gadgets for you!

Windows 7 Uptime gadget

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Kristian Kenney created an uptime gadget. Apparently, the widget is using the following date format:
dd/mm/yy. If you are using a different date format like most people in the US/UK (mm/dd/yy), you will have to fix it manually.

Uptime Gadget Fix

You can download the uptime gadget from here:

The uptime gadget can be installed with one double-click and will display your uptime in days, hours, minutes, seconds.

Uptime Record

What is your personal uptime record? (Poll can be found in sidebar).