One of the fastest and most secure web browsers for Windows 7 is Opera. Download after the break. By Vivek N
What is Fastest Web Browser for Windows 7

Today is Internet age and every operating system that is developed by any vendor is created keeping in mind that users will be surfing the Internet very frequently once they have installed the OS on their computer systems. When talking about Windows 7, the very first question that arises is as which is the fastest web browser that can be installed on Windows 7 computers? After several researches the conclusion says that Opera (freeware) is considered as one of the fastest web browsers for Windows 7 operating system. Whether you are using Windows 7 in any production environment or you are at home Opera works just fine everywhere. If you want to download and install Opera web browser on a Windows 7 computer you need to follow the URL link and the installation instructions as mentioned below

1 Logon to Windows 7 computer with any account that has administrative privileges.
2 Copy and paste¬hanks=yes&sub=marine link in address bar of your current default web browser to download Opera.
3 After the download is complete double click on the installer file to kick start the installation process.
4 On User Account Control page click on Yes button and then click on Accept and Install to complete the installation process and start surfing the Internet smoothly.
Click Accept and Install Button to Install

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