Need a transparent taskbar in Windows 7, XP or Vista? Unfortunately, many of you can’t enable the Aero theme in Windows 7. I scoured the web for some solutions and found a few amazing freeware apps to make Windows 7 transparent – without Aero!

Transparent Taskbar in Windows 7

Transparent Taskbar with TransBar

TransBar 1.4.2 is a handy little app to make your taskbar transparent. Originally made for Windows XP, it works flawlessly on Windows 7 and Vista (yep, x64 too).

The only disadvantage of the tool is that it will make the taskbar completely transparent, including the taskbar icons. So, basically you shouldn’t make it too transparent or you will barely see any icons at all. You can make the taskbar 100% transparent, but then you won’t see the taskbar at all. The perfect value for me is 78%, which is not too transparent.

Transbar Freeware Taskbar

Download Transparent Taskbar

Want more transparency Aero effects for Windows7?

Definitely try TransConMenu that will make a lot of menus in Windows 7 fully transparent!

Transparent Menus

Download Transparent Context Menu

Transparent Windows 7 Gadgets

Aero Windows 7 Gadgets