Need a transparent Windows 7 menu? If you want your PC to use even more transparency effects, you can use a handy app to make your context menu transparent! Aside from the context menu, it will also make many other Windows 7 menus transparent! E.g. all explorer menus or application menus will be transparent.

Transparent Context Menu

Because TransConMenu (short for Transparent Context Menu) will also make many other menus transparent, you should not reduce the transparency below 200. I think 219 is the perfect value for transparent menus that are not too transparent.

Transparent Context Menu Settings

This is definitely a cool app, so that it’s even better that it supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Transparent Menus

You can download TransConMenu over at DeviantArt:

Download Transparent Taskbar

No Aero Theme support?

If your Aero themes are not working or if they are greyed out:

Transparent Taskbar + Gadgets

If your hardware does not support Aero, you should also check out the following gadgets, apps and tutorials:

Transparent  Taskbar in Windows 7

Transparent Windows 7 Taskbar (no Aero required)

Transparent Windows 7 Gadgets

Aero Windows 7 Gadgets (no Aero required, good for people with Aero-support too)