Need a transparent Windows 7 menu? If you want your PC to use even more transparency effects, you can use a handy app to make your context menu transparent! Aside from the context menu, it will also make many other Windows 7 menus transparent! E.g. all explorer menus or application menus will be transparent.

Transparent Context Menu

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Because TransConMenu (short for Transparent Context Menu) will also make many other menus transparent, you should not reduce the transparency below 200. I think 219 is the perfect value for transparent menus that are not too transparent.

Transparent Context Menu Settings

This is definitely a cool app, so that it’s even better that it supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Transparent Menus

You can download TransConMenu over at DeviantArt:

Download Transparent Taskbar

No Aero Theme support?

If your Aero themes are not working or if they are greyed out:

Transparent Taskbar + Gadgets

If your hardware does not support Aero, you should also check out the following gadgets, apps and tutorials:

Transparent  Taskbar in Windows 7

Transparent Windows 7 Taskbar (no Aero required)

Transparent Windows 7 Gadgets

Aero Windows 7 Gadgets (no Aero required, good for people with Aero-support too)