If you want to hide the Autohotkey system tray icon, here’s how or if you are wondering why it disappeared.

hide autohotkey system tray icon

If this is in your current .ahk file:

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then Autohotkey will hide the tray icon. This is useful for advanced users, but may confuse beginners who are new to AutoHotkey and copied a random script to their .ahk file that included the command above.

Help! My AutoHotKey system tray icon disappeared

So, if you’re wondering why the system tray icon disappeared, simply locate your .ahk file

1. Step Go to C:\Users\sOliver\Documents (replace sOliver with your own username)
2. Step Open the file AutoHotkey.ahk with a text editor and press CTRL + F and search for NoTray and remove it

Another possible explanation is that Windows 7 is trying to hide the system tray icon.

show autohotkey system tray icon and notifications

Simply click on the system tray arrow icon and then on Customize… and change the settings from the dropdown for the Authotkey icon. Done! The system tray icon should show up again.