Futuremark is soon going to release a new 3D Mark. 3D Mark is the most popular 3D benchmark and usually surprises us with the finest graphic effects. Here’s a trailer of the “Jungle Ruins” demo. Stunning!

3D Mark 2011 Demo

3D Mark 2011 Trailer

If you attend the Blizzcon 2010, you’ll be able to watch the High Temple 3DMark 11 demo there. If you can’t wait here’s the trailer:

3D Mark 2011 will focus on DirectX 11. As you might know, games like Crysis 2 will fully support DirectX11.

Release Date

According to Futuremark, 3D Mark 2011 will be released in 2010 Q4. So, basically before the holiday season. Original release date was Q3 2010, but it was delayed.

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So, if you have a DirectX11 graphic card, you should definitely download DirectX11. You can get more information about DirectX11 here.