To make it short, the boot.ini file is no longer available in Windows 7. In Windows 7, you can manage most boot settings via bcdedit, e.g. change the boot order. Read our tutorial what you need to know before you edit the boot settings in Windows 7.

We have previously reported about this “issue” in our article “How to find boot.ini in Windows 7” – you need to get familiar with bcdedit to modify the boot settings.

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Safety First: Create Emergency Disk

1. Step Read our tutorial How to make a multi-boot recovery disk , you will be grateful at one point that you have done this – this can literally safe you LOTS of work.

Use BCDEDIT to Modify Boot Settings (“New Boot.ini”)

2. Step After creating a multi-boot emergency disk, get familiar with bcdedit. To do that read our tutorial How to change default OS in Windows 7