Many users are contacting us with their problems. From time to time we are posting general questions. Here are some general guidelines for troubleshooting your internet connection(s)

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One of the best guides on this topic can be found here:
Resetting your Winsock catalog

The Question About HTPC’s by R.D.

I built my own HTPC late last year. Has been working perfect. I wanted to watch some movies
upstairs, so I moved it and hooked it to my Sharp Aquos.

I also tried to hook up a linksys router to access internet. It installed fine but thats when the issue started.

When i brought my HTPC upstairs I also set my BIOS to run my computer from “normal” setting to “optimal” setting (in ASUS EZ mode). When i did this, I notice it went through set drivers up again???

Brought it back downstairs and connected it back to my modem (wired connection). Uninstalled the Linksys program and deleted the file and rest the BIOS back to Normal.

It says it has internet access but IE or Firefox do not connect. Nor does utorrent.

I never have installed Norton on my computer. Using Microsoft Essentials. (It works well and it’s free!)

I’ve tried the winsock fix, it didn’t work.
I’ve tried: re-installing drivers,
disabling 3rd party services and programs
IE configuration settings.
Nothings worked.

Sorry it’s so long-winded. I wanted to be thorough, and I’m at wits end!!!

Guidelines for troubleshooting internet connections

  • Run sfc.exe as outlined in this guide
  • Remove the network adapter from the device manager, then reboot
  • Run the winsock commands manually, resetting your winsock catalog using the following 4 commands (all on separate line, hit enter after 1 line):

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ip reset reset.log hit

  • Reset your modem
  • Use the Windows “Diagnose and repair” tool to see if it can come up with a solution, sometimes a messed up DHCP server can cause issues (when you are using a router!, not a modem)
  • Make sure the modem works for another computer, if it doesn’t call your ISP
  • Make sure the hosts file is not blocking access to your default home page
  • Download the latest Linksys networking tool if you intend to try the wireless connection again. I was a Linksys user back in the day and was using one of their PCI cards with an antenna, however their software was always causing problems for me.
  • I’ll be updating this when we get some additional information about the problem