Do you have a folder called _hiddenPBK on your desktop? Here’s a possible workaround.

Hidden Pbk Folder On Desktop

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The PBK folder is usally used to store connection information e.g. your dial-up, broadband, VPN. I’m using VPN’s frequently and recently ran into an issue with the PBK folder and files. You can also run into this problem when you install drivers for wirless drivers that use the PBK folder in some way to store the wireless connections information.

1. Step Anyway, the solution is quite simple. Follow our tutorial to create a new user account

2. Step Make sure to create an Administrator account not a Standard users

3. Step Log into the new account and you should be fine again. If you rely on VPN connections, try to set up the connection again, but this time use the hidden administrator account

If the issue is still not resolved, try to remove all of your connections, enter sfc.exe /scannow into a command prompt (elevated) and hit enter. Also try to remove any recently added network devices and adapters. Uninstalling network adapters might help to reset the connections stored in that folder (untested!)

Other possible solutions: System restore, Driver updates, hardware upgrade.