Disable Vsync For Faster Rendering_thumb2 If you are currently playing Planetside 2, you may want to speed up the game a little. Here are some tips to do just that

1. Turn OFF VSync!

Open the graphic settings within Planetside 2 (click the settings buttons when logging in) and make sure Vertical Sync is turned off – it will significantly improve your performance and speed up the game

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Disable Vsync For Faster Rendering

2. Competitive Gamer? Lower the render quality!

Next, change the render quality. If you’re a casual gamer keep it high, but if you’re competing for kills then you may want to reduce the render quality as much as possible, because that will increase your FPS (frames per second) dramatically

Change Render Quality For Performance

3. Tricky: Changing Vertical Field of View For Performance Boosts

The vertical field of view is a tricky setting. If you’re a competitive player you may need to see for long distances to snipe enemies with your sniper rifle, but the higher this number the more your PC has to render. Therefore you need to do some testing. Find out how much lower you can go with this setting until you have disadvantages. 55 is the default settings, use that as your benchmark

Change Vertical Field Of View For Performance Boost

4. Apply Our Latency Fix For Windows 7

Reduce latency in WoW: Windows 7

Use our tip to  fix your WoW or Guild Wars latency – this may help to lower your ping in Planetside 2 – a lower ping will speed up your game and improve your overall game experience

5. Install Windows on 2nd partition OR get GameBooster from iobit.com

One of the most common problems is that you simply have too many programs on your PC and too many services. If you are serious about speeding up Planetside 2, you may want to consider installing Windows 7 on a new partition and install nothing on it except Planetside 2, that would guarantee the smoothest and fastest game. It can speed up your game by up to 20% easily

However, if you don’t want to invest so much time, I recommend to download IO’s Game Booster

making skyrim run faster

6. Check Your Windows Tray For Running Apps

Planetside 2 can only run smoothly and fast if there are no other downloads going on or services with high CPU usage are closed. Open your system tray and close them one by one. Back in the day, I used a program called “End it all” to kill all of those apps. Gamebooster from Iobit should work too

Shut down Tray programs

7. Install Recent Drivers?

Latest NVIDIA Video Card Driver Updates for Windows 7

Sony might have worked with AMD or NVIDIA for some special patches. This is actually quite common with high-profile releases such as Planetside 2 – we therefore recommend to check your drivers. Update them!

8. Programs with disk I/O Problems could slow down Planetside!

Open the resource manager – look for processes that write a lot of data to your hard drive. In some cases there could be .exe files that are constantly writing to your disk. Not good! Killing services and apps that write to your disk all the time can speed up Planetside 2 significantly

Windows 7 Resource Monitor

9. Speed Up WLAN

Are you using a WLAN connection? If possible, try to get a wired connection. If that is not possible, then at least do some tweaking and turn off background scanning as explained here

10. Stopping The Windows 7 Themes Service

One last thing you can do – if you are regularly tweaking your system and installing shell themes, enter sfc.exe /scannow into and elevated command prompt and reset your shell to the default theme (it will remove all shell themes)