Well, you have to clean your house, wash your car and you should also regularly clean your hard drive. (I hate chores!)

But, how can I clean my hard drive in Windows 7? Are there some good tools? Yep, there are!

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One of the best tools to clean your hard drive is “CCleaner”:

Clean Hard Drive Windows 7

It deletes any files that are no longer needed and only waste your system resources.

CCleaner can delete your thumbnail cache, your taskbar jump lists, your log files, your temp files and much more.

Clean your registry

CCleaner can easily clean your registry, be it Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.
Clean Registry Windows 7

Advanced Hard Drive Cleaning

  • Menu Order Cache (Will remove your start menu order)
  • System tray cache
  • Window Size/Location cache (deletes any “view settings”)
  • User assist history (clears your recently used programs list)
  • Wipe free space

Clear Application Data

CCleaner can more than just clean your registry and delete old, unused system files. It can clear application data of tools like Opera, Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Open-Office, 7-Zip, Flash, Vuze, WinRar, AVG, RegEdit, MS Wordpad, etc.

Clear Application Data

Basically it will auto-detect any applications and you can then anaylze each tool in order to find files that are no longer needed. CCleaner found 10,000 files on my system that are no longer needed (for example Opera cache files).