Did you get the error “Steam failed to load” – Cmultified Blob? If so, read on below

1. Step Let’s take a look at the error message

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Steam Failed To Load Cmultifield Blob.png

The error specified what goes wrong: Failed with error 1 – cannot open blob archive.

2. Step When we look into our Steam folder usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam or D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam then we will (hopefully) find multiple files with the blob extension. One in particular stands out: ClientRegistry.blob

Open Steam Program Folder.png

3. Step Steam failed to load because of this file, so let’s delete it. In a best-case scenario, Steam will rebuild / add a fresh copy of the file

Steam Failed To Load Cmultifield Blob.png

4. Step Restart Steam. VoilĂ , Steam works again and re-created the file

Still Problems?

Delete .blob files and move certain parts of Steam to let it repair itself. If nothing works, you need to uninstall Steam and re-install it

If you still have problems, but can log into Steam, verify your Steam cache files using the integrity check

If nothing works, submit a bug report and ask for help on the official Steam forums