Shockwave Flash The Following Plugin Has Crashed Frequently_thumb.jpg 1If your Google Chrome browser frequently crashes due to Shockwave Flash, here are some general tips.

FlashBlock extension for Chrome still best solution

1. Step It is a good idea to download the FlashBlock extension – now you may wonder how this is going to help you? It will block flash, but whenever you want to see a video you simply see a flash button instead, simply click it and it will play the video. That way the browser will only enable Flash for elements that you want to see. This is also a good idea if you want to get rid of Flash ads.

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2. Step Another good idea is to follow our tutorial how to speed up Google Chrome Part 1

3. Step Frequently you get Shockwave Flash errors when you have too many elements open in your browser and Flash is simply overloaded.

4. Step Another reason could be a corrupt sound card driver or graphic card drive. Please remove your sound and graphic card from the Windows 7 device manager and re-install them both. Also make sure to install the latest drivers

5. Step If still nothing works, I would also recommend uninstalling Google Chrome. Does the problem persist after a re-install? Do other browsers like Firefox or IE9 have similar problems?

6. Step Try to disable Flash hardware acceleration via the Flash Player Settings.

Right-click on a YouTube or flash video and click on Settings. Uncheck “Enable Hardware Acceleration”:

Flash enable hardware acceleration

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