Is your Chrome incredibly slow, even hangs when you load a new tab? If so, you can try this.

how to speed up Google Chrome

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CAREFUL the following will remove: History, entered URL’s, favorites, remembered passwords, remembered fields, etc. etc.

Remove/Rename Local User Folder

1. Step Open the Windows Explorer and go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome

2. Step Rename or move the folder User Data (make sure you have a backup)

3. Step Restart Chrome and let it rebuild the folder

Obviously, Chrome stores a lot of stuff, bookmarks, passwords, logins and what not. If you do not regularly clean your browser it will become ridiculous free. If you want to manage thousands of bookmarks, I suggest a system like Delicious or simply copy the most important URL’s. You can organize notes using Roboform’s Safenotes or the Swift-To-Do-List – both are excellent solutions for that.

Block Flash

Another reason why sites might load slowly when you open many tabs is obviously another culprit – Flash

Download the FlashBlock Chrome extension

After the installation you have to actively click on Flash element on a website to activate them. No more flash ads, no more flash banners, no more slow sites.