Most of you probably know Skype, but there’s a bunch of other free conference call software for Windows 7 that you could use. Small businesses might want to use free software rather than investing into some paid software.
Free conference call software for Windows 7

Free conference call software for Windows 7 costs nothing, and allows Windows 7 users to make conference calls using just their computers and an internet connection. Skype is by far the most popular and well known option for free conference call software for Windows 7, but there are a few other options available as well. Like Skype, many of the programs feature free calling within the US and a price plan for international calls.

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Most Popular VOIP and Conference Call Software: Skype

Skype is such a popular choice for free conference call software for Windows 7 because it is exceptionally easy to install and use. To create an account, simply enter a few basic pieces of information, like your name, email address, and country. Once installed, Skype easily integrates into the web browser so that any number found online can be called by simply clicking on it. As long as the number is domestic, the phone call is completely free. Skype can be used for phone calls, video chats, and of course, conferences calls.

Using Skype to Make a Conference Call

There are two simple ways to make a conference call using Skype. To add people to a phone call, right click any name from the contacts list and select Invite to Conference from the drop down menu. To invite more than one person to the phone call, use the Ctrl key to select multiple contacts, right click, and select Invite Selected Contacts to Conference Call. To create a conference call before dialing anyone specific, click Tools on the top menu bar and select Create a Conference Call. A menu will appear from which contacts can be selected.

3CX Phone

Whether 3CX Phone is the ideal free conference call software for Windows 7 depends primarily on the amount of experience the user has with VoIP and SIP. The software itself is fairly easy to use and features a smartphone style interface. Users also applaud the exceptional phone quality. However, there are no instructions detailing how to set up the program. The program asks for information like the ID or password without defining exactly what they are looking for. There are also no preset templates for the popular VoIP providers, so users have to enter the information manually.


ooVoo is somewhat different from the other free conference call software for Windows 7. Unlike Skype, ooVoo is capable of showing multiple video streams on the same screen. The program can also record video conferences and save it to the computer’s hard drive. The saved video can then be converted into a workable FLV file. When creating a conference call, ooVoo gives all the users a number to call which allows them to join the conversation. However, it is important to note that ooVoo asks users to install a toolbar, which some users say acts like malware.

For most users, Skype is the ideal free conference call software for Windows 7. It is incredibly popular, simple to install, and easy to use. 3CX Phone may not be easy to install, but it features exceptional phone quality. Lastly, ooVoo is a unique program that allows for video conferencing with a very large group of people.