How to search for text in files The Windows 7 search is good but is quickly reaching its limits when you want to search for a word inside a file. If you want to know how to find any text in a file, read this.

I have previously recommended you a good Windows 7 search replacement, which is capable of finding text within files. So, let’s take a closer look at this search replacement.

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Search for a Word in a file

I added some short text to a couple .txt files and then searched for the word “this”. After seconds, FileSeeker spits out the results and even gave me the exact line where it found the word.

Caution: If you search thousands of files and even within subfolders FileSeeker will take a lot longer to complete the search. Therefore always try to reduce the number of files you are searching in to the lowest possible number.

Another program that I often use to find text within files is TotalCommander. It’s a powerful tool and can not only replace the Windows search but also your Windows Explorer.