Some nasty viruses messed with your Internet Explorer connection and is now running via proxy? Here’s how you disable a proxy in IE9.
Enable or disable proxy in Internet Explorer 9

Enable Proxy in IE9

1. Step Open Internet Explorer 9

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2. Step Click on the gear icon at the top (far right) and click again on Internet Options

Internet Explorer 9 Internet Options

3. Step Go to the tab Connections

4. Step At the bottom, click on LAN settings

Setting Up A Proxy in Internet Explorer 9

5. Step Check the option Use a proxy server for your LAN and check Bypass proxy server for local addresses if you open any local sites through IE9:

6. Step Enter the IP address and port of the proxy server. Keep in mind not all proxies us port 80, so don’t use the default value. If you don’t have a proxy list, check below.

Enable Proxy in IE9

Disable Proxy in IE9

1. Step Follow all the steps above from 1 to 4
2. Step Uncheck the option Use a proxy server for your LAN

Open Proxy List

In order to enable the proxy connection you obviously need a proxy. There are many free and open proxies that you can use. You are not looking for webproxies, instead you want open proxies. They provide an IP address and a port which you can connect to via browsers.

Head over to for a list of proxies.

All traffic will be redirected through a proxy. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are browsing anonymously, but your real IP is not visible then.