Creating HDR photos is not as difficult as many think

preview-how to hdr photoshop

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1. Step Start the Photoshop program, click on the Start >> All Programs >> Adobe Design Premium CS5 >> Adobe Photoshop CS5.

step-1-how to hdr photoshop

2. Step Click on the File >> Automate >> Merge to HDR Pro.

step-2-how to hdr photoshop

3. Step Select the files that you want to Merge to HDR pro by clicking on Browse.

step-3-how to hdr photoshop

4. Step Select multiple files by holding Ctrl and click on the OK button. Then again click on the OK button. Make sure the images you have selected to open are exactly the same but with different lighting or exposure etc. If the image is different then your final photo might become a bit blurry

step-4-how to hdr photoshop

5. Step Now the images are merged.  Manually set EV value then click on the OK button. If the OK button is not highlighted then change value and revert back to the original value or set EV to 0.

step-5-how to hdr photoshop

6. Step Then, change the Mode to 16 Bit. Set Radius to 35 px, Strength to 2.00, Details to 70% and Saturation to 5%

step-6-how to hdr photoshop

7. Step Finally, you will see the HDR image like the one shown in the screenshot. That are the complete steps to create HDR photos

step-7-how to hdr photoshop


HDR means High Dynamic Range. HDR is a post-processing of multiple images combined and adjusts the contrast ratio to create a high quality image that is virtually impossible to achieve with a single shot. HDR images allow you to create special pictures with better lightning