Do you get the error “The monitor profile appears to be defective” – Please rerun your monitor calibration software when you run PS CS5 on Windows 7? Here’s a possible fix.

Photoshop White Not White

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In this guide we will bring the yellow back to a fine clear white color :)

What It Looks Like

The Monitor Profile Aoc 919 Appears To Be Defective Pleas Rerun

When you open Photoshop and you clicked “Use Profile Anyway” you will notice that all whites are not whites, they have a ugly yellow tone:

Photoshop White Not White
(Pic: White Not White)

1. The easiest solution to turn white into a real white, is to simply click the button “Ignore Profile” when asked. That way Photoshop will not use the defective monitor color profile and you should be fine. However, if you really want to fix it, it might be a good idea to simply remove the broken profile or create a new one. You can easily create a new profile using software like Adobe Gamma or

2. Step Click on your desktop and click on Screen Resolution

Open Screen Resolution Settings

3. Step Click the blue link Advanced Monitor Settings

Open Advanced Monitor Settings

4. Step Go to the tab color management

Open Color Management Tab

5. Step Go to the tab Profiles and scroll down until you find the name of your monitor, select it and click the button Remove

Remove Broken Color Profile


6. Step Confirm the prompt

Are You Sure

7. Step Done, now when you start Photoshop you will not get the error. The computer now uses the default profile, usually that is sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Device Profile System Default Srgb

8. Step Now re-install the monitor via the Windows 7 device manager or use tools like Adobe Gamma or the website mentioned above