Cloud Storage Services_ll Cloud storage is popular these days, but there are so many services that it is hard to figure out which are reliable and trustworthy

If you are in the market for a cloud storage backup service, then you need as much information as possible to make the decision about which cloud storage backup service is right for you and your needs. Here are five of the best.

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1) JustClouds


JustClouds offers free obligation cloud accounts, and it is known for its super-fast uploading and downloading. Google Big Data storage and Amazon s3 are used to maximize speed. The process is automated, so cloud storage is simple with this service. JustClouds also offers free iPad, iPhone and Android apps.Extra features include private file sharing, syncing capability for computer documents, and file formatting.

2) ZipCloud


ZipCloud is geared towards the computer proficient in that it allows those with experience with computers to access a large array of features. At the same time, it is user friendly and fast. ZipCloud incorporates file sharing, file versioning, automatic backup and file syncing. The cost for this service is just $4.95 per month, which is one of the most competitive prices in the industry. The company also offers a two week free trial.

3) MyPCBackup


This service is becoming popular with consumers, because it is fully automatic, fast and convenient. Its members area is easy to navigate, its online storage space is vast, and you can access files from anywhere through its desktop application. Multiple computers can be synced through one account, which streamlines the cloud process. This service is so secure that they guarantee that only one file will be lost every 10 million years.

4) SOS Online Backup


This cloud storage service is known for its ease of use and its customer support. It also has a business plan that backs up every PC for $25 a month, so it’s pricing is one of the outstanding features of this service. Everything is versioned which means that every change you make to a document is saved until you decide to protect it from future changes. SOS also protects your social media accounts. Businesses can get 1 TB of space and unlimited PC storage for under $2,500.

5) Sugarsync


This is one of the fastest growing companies for cloud storage. Its defining feature is its Universal sync platform. Users may choose any folder for data syncs, and data may be shared and accessed through its cloud. Users may use multiple devices to access the data that is synced, by using SugarSync’s mobile app. Online backup is automatic. It provides enough free space for what you need, and you may extend your plan through paid options. Its troubleshooting is user friendly.

If you are in the market for a cloud storage program, there are a variety of options for you to choose. Whether you need cloud storage for personal or business storage, there are plenty of companies who offer this service for low prices and higher reliability. While the cloud storage programs listed above are some of the top storage programs, there are many other companies that offer the same service with different features.