Reg Cure
The registry can easily go corrupt whenever you install or uninstall programs. You can fix registry problems with the following 5 tools

If your computer is slowing down and you are looking for ways to make it faster, you may come across a class of utilities known as registry repair or registry cleaners. These programs remove files from your windows registry which are thought to slow down the running of your computer.

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The registry is a vital part of your PC’s process however, and even with software, this should only be attempted by people with solid computer knowledge.

1 RegCure


RegCure pro is a popular registry cleaner with an easy to use interface and a wide variety of features. This tool scans your computer for registry entries it believes to be invalid, usually fragments of uninstalled programs, and then allows you to delete them.

This utility also allows you to back up your older settings so if you delete the wrong thing, it’s easy to recover. Many users report that the program is constantly finding more and more errors, even shortly after a scan was run, which they found suspicious. Additionally, many found that uninstalling the product to be extremely difficult.

2 Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic

Registry mechanic also looks at your registry to find outdated entries and fragments of uninstalled programs and removes them from your computer. This program also may repair broken short cuts as well.

The scans are customizable, allowing you to look for specific kinds of invalid entries for the program to remove, though the interface is sometimes obtuse so this may be difficult to use. The free version only eliminates a few errors before you need to pay for it. Signing up will cause your account to be credited automatically on a periodic basis, for as long as you use the program.

3 Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

This program offers a list of different sections to be cleaned, along with options for backup and restoration should anything go awry. In addition, you can mark files individually to either be deleted or not.

Unfortunately, without intimate computer knowledge of what every registry entry does, there’s no way to know which files will cause conflict if deleted as program offers no advice about. Deleting the wrong entries may be extremely harmful to your computer. It should also be noted that many users reported that the scanner was not very thorough and missed a lot of entries.

4 Vit Registry Fix Free

Vit Registry Fix Free

This registry utility has lots of easily accessible settings which allow you to target your search at problem areas. Vit also allows you to perform a standard disk scan, as well as create profiles about which registry entries should always be ignored during a scan.

The program is generally pretty easy to work with, though the English translation of the text may prove confusing for some. Of all of the registry cleaners online, this seems to be the scanner with the least amount of negative reviews and the best customer service when things go wrong.

While these are the best of the available registry cleaners, it should be noted that the subject of registry cleaning software is controversial, with many computer experts say that registry cleaning is unnecessary and possibly very harmful to your computer. Use extreme caution with any program of this type, as many of them are scams or viruses.