ArcGIS is a software that includes a geographic information system (GIS). If you want to take screenshots in Arcgis, read this.


First open Arcgis:

Arcgis screenshot

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(1) Open up a map that you want to take a screenshot of

(2) You can either use the PrntScn key on your keyboard and then insert the screenshot into Paint via CTRL + V or any other image editor


(3) You could simply download one of the many tools that can take screenshots within active programs. Camtasia is a great program to take screenshots – we have prepared a tutorial how to take screenshots in Camtasia

Other tools like Fraps can also take screenshots (using a predefined key on your keyboard)

(4) One of the quickest way to take screenshots in Arcgis is to open the built-in Windows 7  “snipping tool” (enter snipping into search bar on Start menu) – draw a rectangle on the Arcgis screen so that it covers the entire map and then save it as a JPG or PNG file