Do you want to know what dynamic Windows 7 themes are? Find out more about these themes after the break.

Download Free Dynamic Windows 7 Themes

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Dynamic Windows 7 Themes Download Content From Media RSS

Dynamic Windows 7 themes basically allow you to subscribe to a Media RSS feed. RSS feeds are obviously dynamic, they update themselves when new content has been added. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication

Some RSS feeds created by Yahoo allow to insert images into feeds, they are called MRSS or MediaRSS.

Anyway, Windows 7 themes support Media RSS feeds and the possibilities are endless because everything becomes dynamic and is no longer static.

Where Can I Download Dynamic Windows 7 Themes?

Good Media RSS feeds are rare. We are working on a good one for you right now, so make sure to bookmark this site. Here you can already download many dynamic Windows 7 themes for free!

1. Step Download free dynamic Windows 7 RSS themes

2. Step Dynamic Windows 7 Themes Generator

More dynamic Windows 7 themes will be available shortly, which you will be able to download for free from, so stay tuned. If you have any good dynamic themes for Windows 7, feel free to post a link below.