Here’s a new series of post: What is this process?. If some services, processes or files look fishy to you, let us know and we’ll check them out. Let’s start with the process DAODx.exe, what is it?


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DAODx.exe is a process that you will find on PC’s with an ASUS motherboard. It is not a virus and should be considered a safe process, even thou it is located in the Windows folder. If you need more information about the process, consult ASUS or the ASUS website.

Analyze DAODx.exe
If you want to analyze the process anyway, because it’s eating up a lot of resources you should use a free process explorer for Windows 7 to find out more about the process.

Have I been infected?
Although it is not unusual that this process is running in the background, you might want to scan your system if the process is requesting connections to internet or eating up a lot of CPU, because hackers could create a trojan with the same name. Try one of the following spyware scanner and also consider running Hijack This.

What is …exe, What is this process?
If you are unsure about any fishy process running on your system, post a comment and we will get back to you.

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