Chrome Extension For Daily Windows And Game News Plus Desktop Themes We have carefully reviewed who visits and for how long. To short things up, we came to the conclusion that we needed a Chrome extension. If you agree, you can find more details after the break and get your hands on it


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Although we are great fans of the Internet Explorer 9 and 10, the majority of our visitors is using Chrome and Firefox. The combined total is 70%. Only 22% use the Internet Explorer, 3% use Opera and other browsers like Safari or the Android browser. A few users already use RockMelt – a social browser based on Chromium (same as Google’s Chrome)

Anyway, let’s take a look at the pie chart

Browser Usage On Windows 7 Themes Net

The legend for the pie chart above:

Browser Usage Legend

With 40% Chrome is the topdog out there amongst our visitors. That’s why we built a nice Chrome extension :

Screenshot 640 440.Png

You can head over to the Chrome Web Store to get a copy of it. The extension can access data on and our sister site, but all it does is fetch a feed from our site to display the latest posts. Sure, it’s nothing special (yet), but it will help you to stay up to date and don’t miss our top posts