Four_square1 Snapp! is a program that allows users to “check in” with social media services like Facebook, but it takes things one step further. There is indoor location technology integrated into the application so that users can even check in room-by-room automatically!

Here, you can learn about some exciting Snapp! alternatives.



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Foursquare is another great location-based check-in application, but there are some major differences between this and Snapp! First and foremost, while Snapp! is designed primarily to let people know where you are, Foursquare touts itself as being a “discovery” service. Essentially, it is the app of choice for people who want to know the best places to eat, enjoy the nightlife, see a movie, or even have a cup of coffee. Those who use the app can take a picture, include their location (which the app does automatically) and comment on their experiences. The best thing about Foursquare is that it is absolutely free to download and use. It can be found at



This application is more like Snapp! in that users are able to make their locations known to others in their social circles as long as those individuals are also using the Loopt application. Essentially, you and your friends can view your Loopt maps to see where you are in relation to one another and also what is available in your area. Though it may seem like a privacy nightmare, it is all based on the permissions you give. You can go off the grid at any time you choose. If you’re interested in this application, you can find it in the BlackBerry and iPhone app stores or in the Google Play store for Androids, or it can be downloaded by Mac users at



Though this was one of the founding location-based social services, Brightkite has switched some things around recently to allow for excellent features with more privacy. Essentially, it allows you to send text messages, based upon your location, to a select group of friends of your choosing. This way, your location only goes to the people you choose, and not to everyone who is using the application. Brightkite can be downloaded at or from various smartphone app stores.

4)Rally Up


Another application that puts a lot of emphasis on privacy, Rally Up was designed to allow you to notify your friends when you are going to a certain location or even when you have arrived. Available at, it will allow you to check in anywhere you go – but only the friends you select will be notified. Cross-posts to Facebook are available should you choose to connect, and you can even mute individual friends if you do not want your check-ins to show up in their feeds.



BlockChalk, which can be found in any smartphone app store or at, is a location-based service that allows you to connect with people in your neighborhood (with a two or three block range) completely anonymously. It’s a great way for people to gripe, gossip, or simply get to know their neighbors without having to divulge their identities. In fact, it is commonly used by neighborhood watch groups so that people can report antics anonymously.

There are literally dozens of location-based social applications out there, and each one has its own claim to fame. However, for most of these, everyone in your “circle” must use them if they are to be entirely effective.