Xbox Console Sync Button 150Pxp2 A frequent problem among Xbox users is that the controller won’t synchronize to the actual Xbox console. In this case, you can follow this guide

1. Step Turn off your console and controller

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2. Step Turn off all devices with wireless receivers temporarily to make sure it won’t interfere with the receiver

3. Step Turn on the console and the controller

4. Step On the console front is a small button (hard to find on a black Xbox, but it’s there!) hold it and the status circle of the Xbox will start rotating after a few seconds

Xbox Console Sync Button

5. Step On the top of the controller is a similar small black button, hold that as well for a few seconds

6. Step Finally, the big X button in the middle of the controller will start rotating. Once it stops rotating a connection has been established

If the Xbox controller will still not sync to the Xbox 360, make sure to replace your battery and disable ANY wireless receivers

In rare cases the synchronization is really broken, but you should first try a different controller