Having problems loading Youtube videos? This guide will show you how to fix the most common Youtube buffering problems.

Youtube Buffering Problems

Youtube is now an enormous video database; you can find video on every topic. Several people are found complaining about the video buffering problem on Youtube. In fact this happens when there is some problem in network connectivity and due to traffic issues on the website. Along with these, there are other problems as well which will be discussed in the later section.

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As a core and crux, these problems affect your experience with YouTube videos. Some times your video seems to be loaded at full but in actual it does not. Some videos show an error in the midst, which can be quite irritating. Slow buffering is a frequent complaint even if your network connectivity is going alright. It Is often advised to download your videos from YouTube via trustworthy download utility.

In this guide we have identified some causes of buffering problems and solutions to get rid of the irritating issue.

Step By Step

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Some time certain software have a kind of conflict with Youtube. For instance one of the most practical examples is Google web accelerator. Uninstall this software if you do have it. It lowers down the overall performance of video streaming web sites especially YouTube. You will feel a noticeable change after uninstalling this software.

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Longer timed videos such as movies and documentary at high definition quality require a newer version of flash player and shockwave. If the versions of these software are outdated, you may find some difficulty in loading the video. In such cases you might find a sudden error while streaming. Hence you need to keep the flash player and shockwave updated to get smooth streaming of your favourite videos at YouTube.

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Outdated web browsers are like a hell place for loading new HTML5 youtube videos. Many problems are caused by the version of your web browser being out of date which can be common with work and public computers that restrict install upgrades. This actually happens due to the upgrading of YouTube itself is often periodical.


Upgrading is easy if you have your own personal computer as it simply requires visiting your browsers site to upgrade or accept once you start your browser. Often you will have to get extra privileges granted in the case of public and work computers however.

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If you have taken all above mentioned prerequisite measures yet the problem persists, you may try some other tricks. For example, try reloading your browser after clearing cache memory. Along with this, you should remove the youtube related history from your browser before loading the video again.

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Sometimes the internet connectivity is not supportive enough to load a youtube video. You must check it out first. The problem of illusion of buffering the entire video (when it is not actually buffered completely) is found mainly due to internet connectivity. You should refresh your internet connection after restarting your computer system. This can help in many cases but of course it is not very convenient.


If you have not enabled java script in your browser, make sure you do! It may also cause a problematic situation to you.


Keep in mind to update java software in your computer system as well. An outdated java script is also a potential reason for giving your trouble when browsing videos.

7. Step

Sometimes high quality video takes more time to load. This happens due to internet connectivity issues. Either the internet connection is not prone to handle high quality video or there might be some problem at the end of Internet Service Provider.

You can have two potential solutions of this problem. If your internet connection does not have the ability, you should change the setting of video quality from high to low. In the either case, you can register an official complaint directly to your ISP so that the problem may be fixed.

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It is an admitted fact that a hard wire connection of internet always shows higher speed than that of the WIFI. So, you can experience this alternative as well. You simply need to connect a hard wire to your modem and computer rather than working on Wi-Fi. This also resolves the problem on significant rate if the problem is internal among your home network


Youtube is constantly upgrading it’s platform so even if you follow some of the information above and manage to fix your buffering issues it is vital that you continue to maintain your programs and software packages by keeping them updated regularly.

With the move towards high definition streaming which is likely to be even take further in the next few years it is also important to make sure you have your video quality settings set up right – there is simply no need for an 1080p video if you are using a 13 inch laptop screen. While it may look good it is overkill and could cause unwanted buffering issues.