Intuit Website Creator1 Want your own website? Here are some program that help you to get started

Setting up a website and establishing an online presence does not have to be complicated or expensive. There are affordable do-it-yourself software packages with user-friendly instructions and technical support available for people who are not necessarily technical wizards but, nevertheless, want to build a website.

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Consider the Purpose of the Website

Before choosing software for building websites, there are some important questions to answers including:

• Will the website be static or interactive for readers?
• How often will the website be updated?
• How much maintenance will be necessary?

Once these basic questions are answered, it is time to look at some of the best website building software packages on the market today.

Intuit Website Creator is Great for Novices

Intuit Website Creator

It is not necessary to know anything about programming in order to create an attractive and useful website with Intuit software.The interface uses a drop and drag option which makes building the website easy for even those with limited technical abilities. Novice website builders, even those who lack creative talents, may choose from over 2,000 templates and 250,000 stock photos and put up a 5-page website in just a few hours. The PayPal integration is also very easy to set up and ideal for websites that sell products and services. Intuit is inexpensive and perfect for a new business owner who wants to establish and maintain a web presence within a tight budget.

WordPress is Best for Blogging


WordPress is arguably the best website building software for setting up a blog. It is easy to use and offers a high level of control when it comes to customizing blog templates. Well-written blogs can drive large amounts of traffic to a website and generate lots of reader interaction, especially when readers can subscribe to the blogs and leave comments.

Also, websites that cater to a specific market niche that include regularly updated blogs typically get much more internet traffic than static websites. WordPress offers an excellent software package for people who have plenty of blog ideas and are ready to use them to boost their website’s search engine ranking.

Our Top Pick: Dreamweaver Requires some Graphic Design Knowledge


Individuals who are comfortable working with Adobe products and already know something about web design may find Dreamweaver to be their best option for website building. The software package offers a great deal of control to the site builder, including the ability to do Flash animations that can add an extra punch to the website.

Dreamweaver works well with Adobe Photo Shop allowing the user great flexibility in making changes to a website. The software package is more expensive than some simpler ones as it allows many more options in terms of creativity and design and enables the user to build a website that is extremely professional, interactive and visually appealing.

Virtually every business in the 21st century needs some kind of web presence, and with the development of user friendly website building software in recent years, a professional website can be established by a business owner who has little to no programming ability. Creating an attractive website for a business is no longer a budget buster with the availability and diversity oftoday’s website building software.