If you want to take a snapshot with the built-in Windows 7 built-in snipping tool, here’s a tutorial by Vivek N that will teach you how to do that. (guest post)

How to Capture Screenshots in Windows 7?

While working with legacy Microsoft-based operating systems when users wanted to take snapshots of any event that occurred on the desktop they were required to have any third party application in order to do so. Third party applications, even till date, are no doubt very efficient but they are costly at the same time. Those which are license free are not as efficient as compared to the ones that come along with price tags. Keeping these problems in mind, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Snipping Tool in Windows 7 which allows users to take screenshots and highlight/mark main points of the captured screenshot using its own built in tools. Since Snipping Tool ships along with Windows 7, no extra charges are required to be paid in order to use the application. You can use Snipping Tool in Windows 7 by following the steps given below:
1 Logon to Windows 7 computer with any account (sniping tool does not require any elevated privileges).
2 Click on Start menu and in the search box type Snipping Tool and press enter key.
Type Snipping Tool in Search Box and Hit Enter Key to Initiate
3 Snipping Tool box will be appeared as a floating box.
4 Click on New button in Snipping Tool box and click on the desired Window or box to take the snapshot of the entire object. Alternatively you can click on the triangle pointing downwards (next to New button) to change the type of screen that can be captured with the tool.
Different Capture Options to Make Capturing Easier
Use Highlighter to Highlight Important Points

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