Slow internet? Here are a few tricks that will really get you a faster connection.

Method 1: Change Your DNS Server

A fast connection is often slowed by slow DNS requests. Just recently my internet provider basically got its DNS server DDOS’d and the response time to websites was incredibly slow. Of course, I first checked cables and reset my routers until I managed to trace it to a slow DNS server.

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We have several guides on our site that help you to change your DNS server for free

This guide will help you get started in less than 10 minutes and you will enjoy blazing fast websites!

Got a small budget for external services? Great, we can not only speed up your internet connection, we can also make it safer. Services such as GoogleDNS, OpenDNS and others are very likely using your data, else they couldn’t provide the service for free. Free never means free – nowhere, it always comes at a price. Even open-source software is not free, because projects that are not commercial can often not provide a reliable customer support due to lack of funds. But back to topic: We don’t want to give Google more data than necessary and there are a bunch of very cheap DNS providers out there:

My favorite one is – it can also unlock websites for you, if you are behind the Chinese firewall or a intranet firewall that is blocking websites, so yea it’s pretty awesome for everyday use.

Method 2: DLAN Adapters, Avoid WiFi

Wifi is slow. WLAN compared to DLAN is considerably slower.

There are some really cheap DLAN adapters available on Amazon that will allow you to use your power lines instead of a wireless transmission. Wireless = always slower

This adapter basically connect your router that may sit in your home office or anywhere else to your home power lines. The internet connection is then transferred via your power lines. Sounds neat? It is. That way you can avoid the slow WLAN connection and speed up your internet connection considerably. For streaming purposes this is kind of a big deal. You will be able to instantly watch movies that may otherwise take minutes or even hours to load.

Method 3: Use Our Tool

We have developed a small tool, called “Speed Up The Internet”, which you can download from

This is still in alpha, but I will hopefully find some time to get this into beta later this year.

Method 4: Use Our Latency Fix

Playing a lot of MMO’s and you have a really bad latency? We have written several articles about improving ping in video games and MMO’s.

You can watch the video guide here:

For more instruction follow this link

Method 5: Make Use Of VPN’s

Let’s say you are mostly using foreign services (I certainly do), chances are you will connect to servers located in the US. Sometimes the nodes from your connection to that particular server are overloaded due to heavy use or some slow data centers, then it is a good idea to connect to a VPN. I addressed this issue at the end of the video.

Basically, if you find a better route to the server you are connecting to, you will experience faster downloads or a smoother game experience, simple as that.

Know of any other cool tricks to make the internet faster? Let us know in the comments.