Planetside 2 Fix Crash Lag Blue Screens_copy_thumb Planetside 2 is a demanding game. Frequent errors like “Planetside2.exe has crashed” are driving some gamers mad, here are possible fixes

A common problem for Planetside 2 players is that the .exe is crashing, but also blue screens, lags and freezes are common issues. This article is a summary of solutions that will help you to analyze and fix your problems. Click on the blue links to go straight to the tutorials that we believe may help

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Planetside2 Exe Has Stopped Working

Planetside2.exe has stopped working

The following tweaks and tips may help to prevent or get rid of some problems:

Planetside 2 Fix Crash Lag Blue Screens_copy

Unlock More Than 2GB on 32-Bit Windows

This tip applies to all users of a 32-bit OS

Unplug USB Devices!

We noticed that quite often USB causes A LOT of problems. Especially if you are using an Xbox controller on Windows 8 or a special game pad.

  • Unplug USB devices INCLUDING controllers e.g. Xbox Controller, Pads, etc.

Remove USB Root Hub

4  Solutions For Fixing Planetide 2 Blue Screens

Blue screens are the most annoying problems and are most often caused by corrupt drivers, IRQL issues or some issues with DLL’s. Here is what you can do to fix any blue screens you may run into while playing Planetside 2

  • If you are using Windows 8, install Windows 7 on a 2nd partition and try it again

Make The Game Faster And More Stable To Play

There are other things you can do to speed up Planetside 2 and make it more stable. We have previously written a great tutorial on making Skyrim faster. Most of the things we covered in that article will also help you to speed up Planetside 2

If you would like to contribute to this list of possible solutions, post your ideas below. You can also send us a mail to [email protected] if you would like to send us any tips via mail