Ok, sometimes you run some commands via the command prompt and want to show your friends how it’s done, but how would you copy text from the command prompt? It’s pretty easy, so let’s start to copy stuff!

How to copy text from command prompt

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Text can be copied directly from the command prompt

Mark Text

1. Step Right-click on the command prompt windows and hover over the entry “EDIT“.

2. Step Click on “Mark

Edit-Mark Text from command prompt

Rectangle Selection

3. StepHold down your left mouse-button and draw a rectangle around the text of the command prompt.

Mark text from command prompt

4. StepRepeat step 1 and 2, but this time click on “Copy

5. Step Paste the text that you copied from the command prompt into a notepad or anywhere else via CTRL+V.

VoilĂ , you just copied text from the command prompt! Easy, huh?

Now share some fancy commands with us!