Enter Mac Address To Identify Unknown Network Device_ll If you want to secure your network you should know what devices are currently connected and how to identify unknown devices via the MAC or IP address

Scan Network via MAC Address Finder

1. Step Download our free MAC Address Finder

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Click Get All and you will get a list of all devices including the MAC Address
MAC Address lookup

If you own an iPad you may want to download a cool app that I also use to do this job

Scan Network via iPad App Net Master HD

Ipad App To Scan Networks And Identify Unknown Devices.png

1. Step If you own an iPad connect with your iPad via WLAN and download the app Net Master HD
2. Step Start the app and click Scan Network

Got MAC address and IP? Great!

Ok, you have successfully identified an unknown network device. Now you have the IP and the MAC address

1. Step Open a browser and go to http://eire.ca/mac.php

2. Step This is a database with 17000 entries

3. Step Enter the MAC address of the unknown device and you will get a manufacturer name. Google this manufacturer – in my case the unknown IP was a device by my router manufacturer, so it’s possible that CISCO, Linksys assign an IP to their device that is “hidden”

Enter Mac Address To Identify Unknown Network Device.png

Still can’t identify your network device? Post a question below