Disabling Java in Internet Explorer 9 is a bit more complicated than disabling Java in Firefox. Here’s a short how-to.

How to disable Java in IE9

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This tutorial describes how to disable Java in Internet Explorer 9 (beta) and Internet Explorer 8. If you have a previous version of Internet Explorer (7 or 6) you should upgrade immediately, because it is no longer secure to use an outdated browser and safe the web.

Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta

1. Step Open Internet Explorer 9
2. Step Click on the Tools icon (ALT + X) and click on Options:

Internet Explorer 9 Internet Options

3. Step Go to the tab Security and then click on the big Custom level… button:

Internet Explorer 9 Custom Security Level

4. Step Scroll down and down until you find Scripting of Java applets

5. Step Check Disable and click on OK
Disable Java in Internet Explorer 9

6. Step Restart the Internet Explorer 9

7. Step You have successfully disabled Java in Internet Explorer 9.

Disabling Java can speed up your websites quite a bit, because Java often slows down websites and website loading.

If you would like to know how to disable Java in Firefox instead, read this.