Need to know more about installing Python on Windows 7? More after the break.

How to install Python? (xampp)

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Programming languages are into the trends these days. The computing world have gone beyond just the conventional programming and a lot of new programming languages have joined the arena. Python is amongst one of the high level programming language. The programming language is said to have remarkable powers with clean and clear syntax. Python library is huge and comprehensive. Installing Python is essential for developers therefore we’ve written the following post for your help.

1. StepGo to, the website dealing with Python programming language. Python is developed by Python Software foundation and they have been patroning the platform by now. The official channel of Python deals with all information related the programming language and the associated packages.

Python Official Website

2. StepThe right navigation panel has the link through which you can download Python on your machine.

Python Website Download Link

3. StepThe latest release of Python is 3.2 whereas the download section features the entire library of versions released to date.

Latest Release of Python

4. StepScroll down to the installation section where you get to see the different file formats available for download.

Python Download Section

I use Windows 7 with a 64 bit architecture therefore I selected Windows X86-64 MSI Installer.

5. StepRun the installer from the download location.

Python Setup

6. StepThe default installation location for Python is C:/. You can still use the “Up” and “New” buttons to change the installation location.

Select Destination Directory Screenshot

7. StepThe installation file gives you the option to customize the installation and select the components that you wish to install on your system.

Customize your Installation Screenshot

8. StepInstallation needs these step and the rest is automatic.

Python Installation

9. StepBingo! Installation Complete. Now is the time to run the console through which you are going to be communicating with the programming language.
Installation Complete Message

10. StepSearch for Python in the Start Menu and you are going to have two versions of Python Shell; the graphical and the command based.
Python Graphical User Shell
Python Command Line User Interface

This is it. Feel free to contact us if you find anything difficult to understand and we’ll be more then happy to assist.