Apparently a lot of Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 users keep getting the “Internet explorer has stopped working” error since March 1st, 2011. We have some of the best tutorials on the net how to fix this problem.

Internet Explorer 9 has stopped working

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First of all, it appears that a lot of users are getting this problem since March 1st. It is quite possible that this is a wide-spread problem caused by a bug in the program.

Anyway, the best solution to fix the “Internet explorer 9 has stopped working” error is to follow one of the following tutorials:

Fixing IE9

Firstly, you can try the following 4 methods to fix the error. We have explained all of the methods above here:
Click here: Fix Internet Explorer

A fix that is quite useful for anyone who’s having some more internet connection issues is the Winsock fix. However, only use the fix if you can’t solve the problem after following at least 2 other of our tutorials.

Here’s the fix: Winsockfix