If you want to watch TV on your PC, you can use either the Windows 7 media center and a TV-card or you can use satellite TV software that provides access to TV channels via internet. Here’s one that works exceptionally well.

Satellite TV software for Windows 7

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Paying for cable TV can become quite expensive, but thanks to the internet you can watch nearly every channel online today. This is not only a lot cheaper, you can also use software to record TV programs right on your PC.

A special satellite TV software with over 3600+ HD TV channels is the tool “Satellite TV for PC ™”. The satellite tv software is capable of receiving channels from over 78 countries all over the world. It provides TV channels of all genres (Movies, Sports, Music, Kids, Educational, Religious, Shopping, Weather, Premium Channels, Politics, News and many other)

Satellite TV software can easily save you a lot of money and you can see your favorite shows and sports from all over the world. No extra TV card is required and no monthly costs! As a special bonus the TV software also includes tons of radio stations.

Let’s take a look at the interface:
Satellite TV Software for PC Screenshot

Watch your favorite sports from all over the world!

The software is perfect for everyone who wants to watch international sports, because many international sports channels are available.

Satellite TV software: NBA Sports Shows

Movies, Sports, News, Music …

But also CNN and a few movie channels are included.

Satellite TV on Windows 7

… and of course a lot of music channels

Music TV on Windows 7

I mainly use the satellite TV software for watching some special channels that I can’t get on my TV like GigaTV, but there are some channels for everyone, so it’s really a great tool to watch TV on your Windows 7 PC. It also works on all other Windows versions, including Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

Satellite TV for PC: 3 Editions (one for every budget!)

The website where you can order the software is a bit outdated, but the product itself is up-to-date and was last updated this year (2011). New channels are constantly added.

Pro Edition (2000+ channels) $39.95
Elite Edition (3600+ channels) $49.95 **BEST VALUE**
Titanium Edition (4000+ channels) $99.95

Alternatives To Satellite TV for PC

Windows 7 Satellite TV Software
Another TV software with fewer channels for Windows 7 is “Online TV”, which I have not tried yet. You can find out more about the software below.

Online TV

Free Internet TV Software?

free Windows 7 Internet TV Software

Are there any free alternatives? I have previously posted an article about Zattoo Live TV. Zattoo also has a lot of channels, but not as many high-quality channels as Satellite TV for PC or Online TV.

Zattoo Live TV