Ll_allowchangedesktopicons 10N 150Pxp2Got some cool desktop icons and don’t want other themes to change your Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktop icons? This is easy to do

Windows 7 and 8 both allow you to change icons. However, sometimes when you apply a theme it will also change your desktop icons. If you wnat to prevent that because you already have some nice desktop icons you can enable a certain option. This is pretty easy to do and does NOT require you to modify the register

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 Open Personalization Control Panel

Windows 7 Basic user? Themes, desktop icons, backgrounds and many other features accessible via the Personalization Control Panel are not available on Windows 7 Home Basic, which means this tutorial is probably not for you

1. Step Right click on an empty space on the desktop-> Click on Personalize.


2. Step Click on Change Desktop Icons.

Change Desktop Icons

3. Step To allow themes to change Desktop Icons, check the option Allow Themes to change Desktop Icons-> Click OK.

Allow Change Desktop Icons

4. Step To disable themes to change Desktop icons, uncheck the option Allow Themes to change Desktop Icons-> Click OK.

Disable Allow Change Desktop Icons

If the themes are still not changed when you apply a theme – make sure the pack actually includes desktop icons