Changepropertiesofcommandprompt 9N Thumb Changing the colors, fonts, window size of the command prompt is pretty simple – here’s how

Tip: You may want to read this more advanced tutorial instead to invert colors

Steps to Personalize the Command Prompt Window

1. Step Press Windows + R to open the Run Window-> Type cmd and press Enter.

Command Prompt

2. Step Right click in the uppermost bar which contains the Maximize, Restore and Exit-> Click Properties.

Command Prompt Properties

3. Step Now you get all the properties Options, Font, Layout and Colors.

Change Properties of Command Prompt

4. Step Change as you wish and get the effect on your Command Prompt Window.

Comparative View of Command Prompts

The Command prompt can be easily customized. You can customize:

  • Options, Font, Layout and Colors.
  • You can increase or decrease the cursor size.
  • There are Edit Options like Quick Edit Mode, Insert Mode.

Font size and types of Fonts can be customized. The layout options allows you to modify:

  • Screen Buffer Size, Window size and Window Position.

The Window position is not fixed, it changes whenever we move the window from one place to another.

The color options allow you to change the color of the:

  • Command Prompt Screen, Screen Text, Popup Text, Popup Background.