ImgBurn is Great for Simplicity1 Windows DVD maker is a great addition to Windows, but there are a few better programs to burn DVD’s. Here are some free and paid tools you can download

Many Windows personal computers come with a pretty good amount of software included. One of them is Windows DVD Maker. Of course, a good amount of computer users might prefer another option. Here are some of the best ones.

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1) ImgBurn is Great for Simplicity

ImgBurn is Great for Simplicity2

One of the best things about ImgBurn is the fact that it’s completely free. You don’t have to pay for this wonderful piece of freeware, and for many users, this is what makes it so desirable. Many of the paid options for burning a DVD will involve some fairly advanced features, which many users find confusing and don’t really want to have to deal with. ImgBurn leaves these out, and gives users a simple, stripped-down DVD maker that’s a great (and free) alternative to Windows DVD Maker.

2) Nero


Nero is one of the most well known DVD making options out there. While it’s relatively simple and easy to use, it’s a pretty high-end piece of software and often comes with a fairly hefty price tag. Plenty of users are willing to pay for the simplicity and security that comes with the paid version of Nero. There’s also a freeware option online now, so that users can use Nero without having to pay for it. The freeware is every bit as fast and simple as the paid software, but with the very positive distinction of not costing any money. Of course, the paid version will also give advanced users a ton of other options when it comes to the burning of their DVDs.

3) CDBurnerXP


CDBurnerXP is another great option for Windows users that don’t feel like dealing with Windows DVD Maker. This program is also completely free, and can be simply downloaded from the Internet. Despite being free, however, CDBurnerXP has a very impressive amount of features for any users that might want to go beyond the simpler DVD burning operations. This makes CDBurnerXP a sufficiently robust program that users don’t actually have to pay for. It can even burn HD-DVDs, as well as Blu-Rays. The interface is drag-and-drop, making CDBurnerXP incredibly easy to use.

4) DVDStyler


This option is great because it will allow users to burn just about any type of video file onto a DVD. It supports an incredibly wide variety of video styles and codecs, making it a lot more robust and easy to use than Windows DVD Maker. One of the reasons that users love DVDStyler is because it has a focus on great menus. Users can design stylish-looking menus, and the program uses an incredibly simple drag-and-drop interface style. This makes it easy for anyone to burn a DVD with just about any kind of file type. This program is one of the most popular options when it comes to finding an alternative to Windows DVD Maker.

Almost every personal computer comes with a bunch of free software. Many computer users prefer to use their own software, however, and might seek to use one of these alternatives to Windows DVD Maker.